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Hey Dennis, it's Ed from last year's ROC Game Fest. I interviewed you about The Sword and the Slime and A Shot in the Dark.

I'm doing another story on how indie devs have to cope with small or no budgets and the challenges / creative constraints they imply. Would you be interested in another interview?

I don't know if you can PM in, but get back to me whenever you can.

Sure thing! feel free to drop a line at !

ideas for things to buy, a whistle, usable once per day and pulls all the sheep towards you, metal wall, which lasts forever, dog, which is an ai controlled sheep herder, you can make the ai as stupid as you like :)

Ngl durpy dog ai sounds amazing

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Dude, this game. It hits so hard and deep. I'm only 22, but I can recognize that the implications this game presents are so important. It's about being able to provide to your loved one, maintaining a stable income whilst balancing the budget for emergencies, self care, maturity, responsibility, independence. I mean, damn, this game made me feel so much for the character in only a matter of seconds after realizing the consequences the game play is centered upon. What an unbelievably relatable human experience.

And the title, oh man, that title. Beautifully encapsulates the themes in a fantastical vocabulary that ALSO encapsulates the practically fantastical task of being a provider for yourself as well as for another.

Outstandingly designed game. 

We cannot say thank you enough, we are so happy that our game resonated with you in such a way, and that you picked up on exactly what we were going for. It was only a 2day game jam game, but we put a lot of thought and intention into it. 

So from the bottom of our little possum hearts, thank you for your kind words and thank you for playing :>

Made a video


Oh wow that's super cool! Never had anyone do a video of our games before! :D

Well if you keep making interesting games it is bound to bring in more people who want to play them. 


Thank you! We will certainly keep doing our best >:)


Court Case:  Mr. Shepard vs. Brownian Motion




Simple but very engaging gameplay! 


this is quite nice, i'll have to sit down and play it much longer ~ 


i keep playing this. i know there's no big twist or new mechanic or anything waiting for me after this round but i keep playing it. it's so simple and calm and lovely ... even if my sheep are more a danger to themselves than any potential predator ...

the music, by the way, is GORGEOUS. was it made by the team? it's incredible! i keep leaving the tab open just to listen to it; it sort of has that sims 1 build mode vibe to it

this man needs a dog.

Oh wow, thanks for the lovely comments guys! Just made our day :>

Aaaaah thank you so much! So happy to hear your enjoying our simple little game. :>

And yes the music was made by our resident music man Baschfire!

You can find more of his stuff here: 

And who knows, maybe we'll get around to adding a doggo in the expansion pack XD