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this looks excellent! i'd dearly like to give it a go, but it won't start on my mac ... i just get "this won't run"--brilliant error message, Apple, thanks so much. any mac sufferers out there that might know how to circumvent this attempt to keep us from joy? i'm on Ventura with an Intel i3 ... thanks!

Unfortunately due to technical restrictions our game is only available on PC, sorry about that.

could someone tell me how to defeat the final boss? shot him eyes and hands simultaneously? it's so hard

Oh yeah he's a tough one, you just have to be quick. You want  to hit all of his eyes until they are all closed, but if you take too long they start to open back up again.

Still waiting for the OST...


Heya! We're still working out some stuff with the end credits song,  you can snag the rest of the OST here!


laptop support maybe? I can't shoot but it looks good.

Sorry we built if from the ground up for mouse and keyboard :x

oh ok

THIS IS A MASTERPIECE. GREAT GAME!!! I take my hat off to you

This game is a masterpiece, and I can tell that from just the demo, and that means that the rest of the game is AMAZING. I REALLY want to download the thing but I'm broke. But I know, next 10$ I get, are going towards this amazing game.

Oh man thank you that means a lot q-q but yeah no pressure we know that feeling. But yea keep an eye out for our regular sales



We are still doing some stuff to set up the OST   b u t you can find most of the tracks here on youtube :>

Yay!! The one ccalled "the start" is my favorite! :D


I N C R E D I B L E 


and that a fact

I played the demo for like 10 minutes and I must say I really like it. Great Graphics, nice music, and overall very good. 

ty v much :>

Wow This Game is Amazing I only played the demo and it was so much fun!

Ty ty! :>


Just a random comment, i'm on Mac and i can't shoot bc i have to use two fingers to right-click


Oh! you should be able to draw your gun with the S key as well. Sorry for not dropping that in the tutorial >_>'

Ty so much! I am excited to be able to play this wonderful looking game now!

The game is quite good, graphics are amazing, and music is epic! I don't have anything bad to say abount controlls, but shooting, while good, let's you shoot through walls. Also, the demo just kinda stops/

Thank you so much! :> The shooting through walls does come in handy in the full game cuz o o f it only gets harder. BUT, we are planning on adding LOS as a difficulty option in a later update.

Fair enough. Waiting for new actualizations!


We'll get there soon, hopefully @_@'

how i do full screen

Just tweaked it so it shooould go full screen when you start it up now

The Best! Love the feel of the game

<3 <3 <3 

Honestly, this has to be the best use of minimalist 1-bit style graphics i've ever seen in a game, tied deep to the mechanics and amazing at creating tension. Great job.

Oh man, that means so much thank you Q_Q

I remember playing this at ROC Games Fest

Nice! Speaking of we were just at the virtual ROC Game Fest this past weekend! 


Good game! I may buy it!

Glad to hear it! Thank you! :>

imagine downloading the 69 MB File 

n i c e

n  i  c  e

Very nice game! I personally enjoyed the music! Hope to see more indie games like this!

Can I download the Credits Music? the "When I see" you in hell, I liked that music. How can I download it?

We are currently workin on that right now actaully! Stay tuned


It would be great with an arcade mode or some endless tower mode per round or something like that after the story mode for being more replayable

oooo maybe.... maybe...

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I had a great time with it, really fun gameplay and I loved the colors and the enemies hiding in the backgrounds.
Here is a video review I did in Spanish, keep up making great games

Oh sweet thank you! :>


Very Intresting



Nice Game


y thank you :>


Very good game. Maybe a little more difficulty would have been fine since I've only died a couple of times and I'm very bad. I liked it a lot. I leave my little gameplay.


Oh man thank u v much :>


love the soundtrack

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Shot in the dark, and you're too late~

anyone get it?

BTW this has nothing to do with the game, the name just reminded me of the song.


you give love, a bad name


Headshots are satisfying and the art is cool.


The game is good, it's quite simple and satisfying. However, it seems like I can't reload no matter how I hold R? Nice demo. Good job.


Hi! Glad you like it and sorry you are having an issue with the reload. In order to do so you need to have your gun out. You can draw your gun to aim by holding down the right mouse button, the S key or the down arrow.


lol it is imposible on trackpad becouse you have to hit LMB and RMB at the same time


wait you can hit s or down on the arrow keys


The game is really great, i really liked the enemy the enemy that we can only see thanks to its reflection in the water, but i think we it would be better if we can reload while moving. 


This game is epic, the amount of content for a demo is astounding, and the concept of the game is brilliant. also foreshadowing goes BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


this is great i love how you have to follow the eyes to kill them


Ah sorry, this game was built from the ground up for mouse and keyboard :<


Impossible for trackpad


we meet again


long time, no see. i heard you've been training since i last saw you... well, let's see what you learned...


i learned a lot i found a community and stuff i can draw better and i learned how u work also lel


oh i meant like fighting skills but that's cool too




This is awesome. Working on a game myself so I appreciate the effort that must have gone into this. All the little things are done right. The sound design honestly is AAA quality. Especially love that miss sound. I mean the sound, not hearing it in game ;)


This game is very good and pixel art I loved! Thanks for demo.


A demo é incrível mas 10 dólares é muito caro para min ja que convertendo da 60 reais se pudesse regionalizar esse valor para o brazil eu compraria 100% recomendo a todos (se quiser me dar uma key para jogar em stream kkkk


Just played the demo and really enjoyed it. Have you uploaded the music anywhere? The train section's music was great!


Great gameplay! Amazing game


Beat it I love the challenge this game provide got a little stuck on "Open grave" and the one before final gate I really hate the rush the sniper give you sometime but still fun game

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I have nothing to say more than WOW ! As a Game Dev, It seems like It took a long time to make, and I appreciate your dedication to the game ! Awesome design, Gameplay is superb and engaging a 10/10 game.

Do you have any email address I can contact you in ?

Good luck for your guys !

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