When you are done with the DEMO  up above you can purchase the full game with over 70 dark and brutal levels! 


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Shot in the Dark [Linux x64] [1.0.0].zip 112 MB
Shot in the Dark [Linux x32] [1.0.0].zip 117 MB

Download demo

Shot in the Dark Win64 DEMO.zip 73 MB
Shot in the Dark Win32 DEMO.zip 69 MB
Shot in the Dark Linux64 DEMO.zip 77 MB
Shot in the Dark Linux32 DEMO.zip 82 MB
Shot in the Dark Mac DEMO.zip 87 MB

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Impossible for trackpad

This is awesome. Working on a game myself so I appreciate the effort that must have gone into this. All the little things are done right. The sound design honestly is AAA quality. Especially love that miss sound. I mean the sound, not hearing it in game ;)

This game is very good and pixel art I loved! Thanks for demo.

A demo é incrível mas 10 dólares é muito caro para min ja que convertendo da 60 reais se pudesse regionalizar esse valor para o brazil eu compraria 100% recomendo a todos (se quiser me dar uma key para jogar em stream kkkk twicht.tv/macedo_gabe

Just played the demo and really enjoyed it. Have you uploaded the music anywhere? The train section's music was great!

Great gameplay! Amazing game

Beat it I love the challenge this game provide got a little stuck on "Open grave" and the one before final gate I really hate the rush the sniper give you sometime but still fun game

(1 edit) (+1)

I have nothing to say more than WOW ! As a Game Dev, It seems like It took a long time to make, and I appreciate your dedication to the game ! Awesome design, Gameplay is superb and engaging a 10/10 game.

Do you have any email address I can contact you in ?

Good luck for your guys !

I wanted to play, but I have a touch pad. That means that I don't have a left or right mouse button.

Sorry but the game was built from the ground up for mouse and keyboard :<

You can hold the alt key for rmb, as I did, but you need to hold alt and the trackpad, and you actually swipe to shoot, but it relocates your aim. I can't get past the second level on the demo because you can't see your aim unless you're aiming, and you swipe to shoot, so you can't change your aim while aiming... it's hard but possible, if you're really good.

Great demo, thinking of buying the full game (if I have money, that is). Those skeletons really gave me the good 'ol quick draw reaction (well, they don't shoot that quick but still!). Tho the fact that you can shoot the enemies as long as they're on screen is a bit OP but kinda works in certain situations :)

(1 edit)

Glad you liked it and thanks for playing! :>

And oh boy in the full game you need the gun to be OP cuz oof, it gets pretty rough @_@'

hard train level


Full game only gets harder >:)


I ENJOY the fact that you cant see you mouse without aiming , it creats a certain difficulty that was needed to this games. Good job!

HAAAA YOU GET IT. I'ts a small thing but makes such a huge impact 

I like it

we like that you like it :>


I want to play this so bad but I can't even figure out what I'm supposed to do in the second screen.

Once you take care of all of the zombies try checking out the church one more time ;)

What zombies? I'm talking about a screen with just a few cacti. And what seems to be a stone wall. 

In the very second screen after the tutorial, I can't do anything but shoot, is that by design? Because I have tried so many times today to figure out what else to do and I'm at my wit's end. 

(1 edit)

Are you talking about the Demo or the Full version? Because they are slightly different. Do you mean that you are having trouble moving or jumping? (WASD, or arrow keys, and space bar) sorry that you are getting stuck :<

Also certain objects, like boxes, can be destroyed when you shoot them

ALSO be sure to click directly on your targets to hit them. I hope that helps! let us know if you have any more issues!

I bought the full version on Steam, then when the space bar wasn't working in the second screen, I went to Itchio and redeemed my review copy so I could check and see if it worked with this version. It does not.

(1 edit)

The issue is that exactly after the tutorial level, the one that teaches you the controls? I run through and hit what appears to be some sort of rock wall. I cannot shoot through it and the space bar no longer works so I cannot jump over it. WASD and everything else works fine.

(1 edit)

Hmmm, we are having trouble recreating this bug on our end but I'm creating a ticket and will sort this out ASAP.

I really really love this!! Amazing job, the graphics are stand out and the mechanics are really unique, wow!


Thank you very much! We worked super hard on this :>

that ending is so anticlimatic, I really thought I was going to fight the boss!

That Demo is just a sneak peak of the full game! There are plenty of more levels and baddies in the full game that is available right now :>

where can I find the full game?

Oh its available right here on the store page! Just have to scroll down a bit,  the button kind of got buried under all the text >.>'


Waaah Thank you so much really looking forward to it!


Like the mechanics where the demons is completely invisible, the music, art and animation was NICE, a few suggestion:

1) I think the player has the "shoot anywhere around the screen" this makes some level a breeze and also the demons all take one shot to kill and a restricted area where they can go so the train only problem was that the player has too many "safe spot", so why not make it that the player has to have line of sight in order to kill, and make the demon faster similar to the red tall ass demon after the train level, or you know giving the "shoot anywhere around the screen" to a specific gun like a sniper rifle and have to exploit this to finish a level, maybe an enemy that shoots or move through walls, or have to hit a level that's on the other side of a wall

2) sometimes you can shoot twice and only have to reload once, if spammed, but this give me an extra bullet to play with, so fix?

3) the final level where the red tall ass demon is, feels a bit too easy maybe add in some gun skeleton? or a move of the red hooded guys

4) MORE GUNS like different guns for different enemies like a gun that shoots out light in one direction in a level that is COMPLETELY dark, or a gun that pour water to souk demons in water so you can have a general idea of their position from the dripping water


Oh don't worry that was just the DEMO! We actually did do a lot of the things (and then some) that you mentioned in the full game XD.

Also that 2 shot exploit has been fixed in the final version. Still need ot update the demo... woops 

(but there is still only the one gun though... maaaybe we'll add more later)

But thanks for trying out the demo we're glad you liked it!


I really like that how you shot!

(1 edit) (+2)

there is a glitch where if you zoom in (ctrl plus) it takes you to the next part of the game here it is in ACTION

...Well played

LOL but seriously here i sometimes zoom out (cause i get called in class) and when i press ctrl plus it just takes me to the next part of the game 

Can confirm it is true

woop, will fix soon. ish. eventually.

Oooooh we left the dev keys on in the DEMO... wooops. But they are off in the launch version so thats all good. Thank your for letting us know btw but would you mind filing an official bug report here?

im  not going to fall for it lmao

you sly motherf*cker I fall it twice XD

It would be nice to have access to the soundtrack...


Good news! It will actually be available real soon :>

definitely will have to buy, fantastic pixel art

Very fun! The negative space stuff is really unique.

(1 edit)

The art style is so dark i love it, it plays great

y thank you! 

Holy shit


Going to choose to take that as a compliment XD



Wow the game was so nice! I am amazed by the aesthetic design and the neat gameplay of this game! I personally haven't experienced such a nice game on itch not gonna lie. Now I will try the dev's other games as well coz I am really impressed. :)

Waaaaah ;_; thank you so much!


Very artistic game. Love it!

thank you thank you! :>


Playing this was great! I really enjoy the idea of western shooter x horror. The you got an insane amount of mileage out of the black, white and red + low bit aesthetic, and really delivered on spooky atmosphere. The backgrounds are impressively evocative, and there are a bunch neat tricks involving the enemies and environments. The boss style shoot-outs were quite tense, and left me feeling like a genuine gunslinger

After playing the demo, I will definitely be picking up the full version! All I'm left wanting for is more levels :)

Thank you so much! We're so glad you like it waaaaah Q_Q

And ooooh you are in for a treat! There are over 70 levels in the full game! And it only gets worse bweheheheheheh


I'm all about this game. The artwork is really cool.

(1 edit)

Thank you so much! :>

im a little confused on the demo. Do you get to that bigger building with lots of enemies and then that's it?

Assuming you mean the level with the church? Try heading back to the church door after you have cleared our all of the enemies.... ;)



Too bad I can't press both RMB and LMB at the same time on an Apple mouse...


Oh! We did add an update to address that! You can hold down the "S" key to aim your gun as well. ( sorry we didn't add that to the tutorial >.>' )

(1 edit)

Thank you so much!

(my other account)


Can't play on a laptop with a mousepad, would require an actual mouse.


Yea sorry about that the game was intentionally built from the ground up for mouse and keyboard. :x

You can also aim by pressing s


maybe you should add an indicator of how many bullets you have left? It wasn't a problem throughout the game but it might be nice as a quality-of-life feature


Happy to announce that it will be in the launch version of the game!


This is the best game on itch


bweeeeh I'm gonna go cry for a bit thank you so much :,>

damn this game looks real cool but the control sceme doesn't work for me. i have to use alt-click to aim and click to shoot and i obviously can't to both at the same time, would be real nice to have some alternative control options

Thank you thank you! Would you happen to playing on a mac?

no I am using a hp with chrome OS

Curious to know, what alternate control scheme would you prefer if you don't mind me asking?

being able to aim automatically when I put the mouse on screen. or just having a button to aim like maybe hold shift instead of right click.

I love this game so much! But I'd love it even more if I could move and shoot at the same time. lol

Thank you thank you! That is in fact a setting we were thinking of including!



Amazing game!

(1 edit)

Daw shucks

Thank you so much!   :>

I don't have a mouse, I am playing with the keyboard and trackpad, is there a gamepad support or making the shoot a keyboard button instead of only left click because i can't press both at the same time.

Unfortunately the game is built from the ground up and intended for mouse and keyboard.  Sorry for the inconvenience :<


You can also press s

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