Tank Pig is all about solving problems with coordination, multi-tasking, and a healthy amount of heavy ordnance.  Take control of Tank Pig and the Pilot on their journey to save what is left of humanity.


  • DUAL CHARACTER CONTROL: Simultaneously control The Pilot and Tank Pig. Tank Pig has a lot of health as well as quite an arsenal:  a machine gun,  guided rockets, and cannon. When outside of Tank Pig, the fragile Pilot has a much higher jump and  a short range shotgun, but still has remote access to Tank Pig’s machine gun and rocket launcher. So you can give yourself direct fire support.
  • INTENSE RUN & GUN ACTION: Blast through hordes of mutants, robots, and giant bosses in this chaotic action platformer.
  • UNIQUE PUZZLE PLATFORMING: You'll have to use both characters and your wits to navigate these challenge levels. Violence isn't always the answer (but it sure does help).
  • DEATH ISN'T THE END: It's a game mechanic. Sometimes there's nowhere else to go but towards your own demise, knowing that you can simply respawn at Tank Pig to continue. If at first you don't succeed, die again!
  • BEAUTIFUL AND STRANGE WORLD: Explore a quirky and twisted post human world full of mutants, robots and other horrors, all rendered in adorably terrifying pixel art.


Tank Pig is still in very early development. We have nailed down the art style and have zeroed in on an an interesting set of core mechanics. BUT we are still experimenting and growing and a lot is subject to change as we move forward.

Mouse and Keyboard Controls

  • WAD to move
  • Mouse to aim
  • ESC to return to menu
  • Right Click to fire rockets from Tank Pig
  • Hold Right Click to guide rockets
  • Left Click to fire the machine gun
  • Spacebar to fire Tank Pig's cannon
  • Jump on top of Tank Pig and press E to enter Tank Pig
  • E to Exit Tank pig
  • E to respawn if Pilot killed
  • Hold E next to Tank Pig to repair Tank Pig

Gamepad Controls

  • Left Joystick to move
  • Right Joystick to aim
  • Start/Menu to return to menu
  • Left Trigger to fire rockets from Tank Pig
  • Hold Left Trigger to guide rockets
  • Right Trigger to fire the machine gun
  • Right Bumper to fire Tank Pig's cannon
  • Jump on top of Tank Pig and press Y to enter Tank Pig
  • Y to Exit tank pig
  • Y to respawn if Pilot killed 
  • Hold Y next to Tank Pig to repair Tank Pig
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorPossum House Games
Made withConstruct, Aseprite, GIMP
Tags2D, Arcade, Puzzle-Platformer, Tanks
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Tank Pig - Mac.zip 117 MB
Tank Pig - Windows.zip 216 MB


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you still working on this, or...

Slowly but surely >_>' but Tank Pig is a passion project we are chipping away at between full time work and life stuff.

take all the time that you need, just making sure.

Apreciate that, and thanks for checking in :>


Very fun. I'd pay for a complete game that expands on this.

Thanks! It's just a proof of concept now but I intend on making a full release eventually :>


"thanks again for letting me borrow these missiles, tank pig!" *BOOM*

lololol you get it XD


Fantastic!!!!! loved the mechanics and the idea!!

Bweh ty ty! :>


Very cool game! I really like the ability to control the tank remotely. I like the variety with each level, you got space, urban, and medieval setting, all with some nice puzzles and platforming, which is neat. You also spared no expense on the arsenal, there’s almost always 2 to 3 ways to blow something up, LMAO. Pure destruction! :-D


Thank you so much! It's just a little proof of concept right now but hopefully we'll get to add more soon :