June 2020 Dev Log

Hey all FunnyBird Here! Lots of big things happening this month at the Possum House so lets jump right in. It's been a crazy sprint for the past few week but we made it. Which means that we just wrapped up the development of Shot in the Dark! There are still some minor tweaks and adjustments to be made for sure. And we would like to do a smidge more play testing, but yea... game's essentially done. So we are going to take the summer to polish and tweak as well as pitch to publishers. So yeah, we've made it to the end of the road and we are super proud and super tired and ready for a break.

Too bad we are getting right back to work first thing Monday (yes this Monday as in today Monday). Jokes aside I am super proud and excited to announce that Possum House  will be working with a Fellow Roc Game Dev member  on his new project Nine! A roguelike action platformer full of maniacal mechanical mice plotting to steal the moon. For its cheese. Yeah, it's going to be a good time. So yea Kpable will be assisting with the programming and I'll be doing my thing with the art and that's what we will be up to all summer. Can't wait to get started!

Stay tuned for more updates soon because we are hitting the ground running on this one!

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